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Experienced Personal Injury Lawyers in Puyallup

Being in a major accident causes costly, time-consuming disruptions in a person’s life. If you were injured because someone else acted carelessly, call the Puyallup personal injury lawyers at the Law Offices of Harold D. Carr for a free consultation about obtaining the full and fair compensation to which you are entitled. Our firm offers decades of experience and can help you work toward a favorable outcome.

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Aggressive Representation to Get What You Need

When you need compensation for your injuries, you will likely have to go up against an insurance company and demand more money than they initially offered. These companies have deep pockets and skilled legal teams that, without the right legal representation on your side, can make it nearly impossible to obtain what you need to recover from your injuries.

You should not have to be financially accountable for damage caused by someone else’s negligence. Our team knows the strategies that work when fighting for the full compensation you are entitled to, and you can take confidence in our ability to handle your case from start to finish.

Pursuing Every Cent of Compensation

Our Puyallup personal injury lawyers are here to stand up for you throughout your claim and manage it as if we were representing ourselves. Part of our dedication to excellence includes being careful about how we calculate your damages. We want to uncover every possible damage related to your accident and injury that we can pursue on your behalf. We will not be satisfied until we secure every last penny owed to you by the party that caused your harm and hardships.

personal injury lawyers serving Tacoma, Olympia, Lakewood, West Olympia, Puyallup & Federal Way

Call our team of injury attorneys today.  (253) 258-0992

skilled personal injury lawyers in Tacoma, Olympia, Lakewood, West Olympia, Puyallup & Federal Way

 Personal injury claims usually feature four types of damages:

  • Medical costs: Medical treatments can range well into the thousands after a bad accident. Your healthcare insurance could cap before you are even released from the hospital. Why should you be the one to pay for all of your remaining medical bills when someone else’s negligence caused your injuries? We don’t think you should be, and we will fight insurance companies, so you aren’t.
  • Missing wages: The costs associated with your accident and injuries will only worsen if you are too debilitated to return to work. As you are forced to stay in bed or a hospital, you will miss more and more wages. Disability pay can help, but only slightly. Demand the rest of what you have missed and will miss in the future through a claim.
  • Pain and suffering: In many personal injury cases, the most significant source of damages are noneconomic damages. Any sort of damage that cannot be written on a bill or receipt is a noneconomic damage, such as undue pain and lasting emotional trauma. We can demand fair compensation to help you find some closure after going through so much.
  • Repair bills: Of course, we cannot overlook any property repair or replacement bills or costs you might have incurred as a result of your accident. Car accident claims are the most common reason for property damage because most car insurance policies will not provide enough to actually replace a totaled vehicle.

Lowered Liability Means Greater Compensation

We will do all we can to reduce your liability for your accident as much as possible. The goal is to drop your liability down to 0%, which would let you collect 100% of the damages you are owed.

To drop liability, we have to prove that you did not contribute to your own accident and did not worsen your injuries. There is a variety of evidence types that can help show the cause of an accident and, therefore, what party should be given the full or majority extent of liability. Photographs of the accident scene, eyewitness testimonies, reports from first responders, and medical records from your own doctor are all staples of a strong personal injury claim. If you are not feeling up to collecting this evidence on your own – not many people will be after an accident – then we would be happy to do the legwork for you.

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